The Tri-Foam System
Why foam? Because, compared to paper or other filter technologies, reticulated polyester foam achieves optimum performance against three key criteria:

Maximum Air Flow
Has the ability to allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure.

Cleaning Efficiency
Has the capability to arrest a high proportion of airborne dust while feeding the engine clean air.

Dust Load-up Tolerance
Has the capability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity.

With our unique Tri-Foam System, which uses various thicknesses of finer or coarser foams, these factors can be varied for different applications.

Tri-foam gives us the flexibility to produce air filters to exact specifications and, where high flow rates are possible, we can tailor filters to arrest even the slightest dust traces.

Compared to other designs, itg filters offer many additional advantages, including a significant reduction in noise while providing more power for longer.

What's more, because we use the very latest adhesive technologies to bond the foam layers, itg filter assemblies are totally resistant to water, fumes, oils and fuels - including the exotic brews used in racing

1. Stainless steel wire mesh
To avoid erosion, we only use the highest quality steel

2 . Coarse outer layer
Stops large pieces of dirt and foreign matter from penetrating further. Straightens air flow into sub sequent layers.

3 . Medium grade mid layer
Serious filteration layer traps most of the harmful dirt that leads to engine failure

4 . Fine inner layer
Extracts all the fine partide but still allows full air flow to the engine for maximum power.